May 20, 2007

1A. Chelsea 1B. Manchester United

I wasn't bold enough to wake up early to watch the FA Cup final -- shameful, I know.

Apparently I missed a helluva game as Didier Drogba (who I believe is one of the top 3 players in the world) netted a wonderful winner in extra time.

It was the first goal at the new Wembley Stadium and like Drogba's 300th goal of the season it seems.

So obviously Chelsea is better than Manchester United right? I mean Jose Mourinho's club won both domestic cup competitions... Oh wait, the Red Devils dominated the Premiership...

I guess a performance in the Champions League can be the tiebreaker. Wait, each team lost in the semis? Oh, damn.

So who is the best team in the world? For me, it comes down to the gut. Mine says Chelsea, but the slightest of margins.

I wish these teams could play every week, because there is so much talent and drama on the field whenever the two clash.

To me, there is nothing better in the world of sports.

That's what makes it even more disappointing that neither club is in the Champions League final (as much as I enjoy watching AC Milan and Liverpool). I wanted one team to step up and say "We are the team the beat. We are the best in the world."

That's why, in the end, it's a judgment call.

* * *

In other news, chalk up another award for Nakamura in the Scottish League. How much longer before he's on a top club.

A Mexican defender was banned for life for taking steroids. It's sad to see the beautiful game tainted, but I'm happy with the way it was handled.

VfB Stuttgart won the Bundesliga. Whoever can name a Stuttgart player, without any research, wins a prize.


V-SPOT said...

does Kevin Kuranyi still play for Stuttgart? Oh wait I know 'der Hammer' Thomas Hitzlsperger plays for them. Good to see the former Aston Villa boy doing well.

Chelsea is tops, eh? Well you're entitled to your opinion but when you outperform a team over 38 games I think that warrants the title of top dog, but I'm also quite biased.

V-SPOT said...

In other news boys and girls I've decided to create my own footie blog, so far I've only delved into Manchester United news but I will soon make posts encompassing all of the world of football. Basically it's just my way of getting out the constant football thoughts and opinions that cloud my head. Hope you guys enjoy it!