May 9, 2007

My hips, also, do not lie...

Apparently, Shakira trumps soccer.

This Friday, the Columbian music star kicked the Mexican club team Necaxa out of its home stadium. Nexaca was scheduled to have a Copa Libertadores match against Nacional, but Shakira's pre-concert preparations are obviously more important.

Nexaca will play the game at Mexico City, over 370 miles away, and they aren't happy.
Necaxa expressed its annoyance that the regional government had not respected a contract which gives Necaxa priority in the stadium over whatever type of event.
Sorry boys, all sorts of bodily gyrations always win.

* * *

In other news, Freddy Adu (right) is uninjured after being hit in the head with a wayward golf ball. Too bad his 16-year old ex-girlfriend JoJo has as many goals as him this season.

Jose Mourinho apologizes for calling Cristiano Ronaldo a little bitch some mean stuff.

A man named Andres Vasquez scores a remarkable goal in the Swedish league. Yes, that was a 30-yard "Maradona chip."

Someone calls Manchester United "immoral" for an ill-timed tour through Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Macau because it conflicts with the Asia Cup. Good thing Shakira didn't schedule a tour this summer, they would've had to cancel the whole tournament!

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