July 23, 2007

No more kangaroos shoes in California, for now...

The California Supreme Court banned the sale of kangaroo-leather products Monday.

Certain brands soccer shoes -- including those once popularized by the golden boy David Beckham -- are made from our marsupial friends.

The ban, which is limited to California, might be gone before we know it. The state legislation has been working on allowing kangaroo-leather goods and a bill could be signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger this fall.
The activists oppose kangaroo products because they say hunters mistakenly shoot endangered species. They also say abundant kangaroo species are killed cruelly -- sometimes shot during night hunting parties, and sometimes clubbed to death as babies.
I hear Mike Vick might have been involved in the industry.

For years, Beckham's Adidas cleats were made by kangaroo leather -- which some players claim are lighter than regular cleats.

However, don't start making any "Sack David Beckham" signs PETA, last year the company changed to synthetic leather.

But why not try and dig up a controversy anyways?

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Josh Mahar said...

This is absolutely ridiculous and proves the misdirected compassion of our country. Australia has an incredible overabundance of kangaroo, not to mention it is soooo much more sustainable than the current sheep farms that dominate the country. For some reason Americans have incredible reservations about eating this animal but in the long run its sooo much better for all creatures. Its just too bad they are cuter than cattle...