September 25, 2007

British make up words, claim it's American

This one is kind of hard to explain. Some crazy English article out there claims to have "A Beginner's Guide to MLS Terminology."

I know what you're thinking, what the hell is MLS terminology?

Well here are some examples of what the Brits think we say (personally I blame Tommy Smyth):
WASTEBASKET - A phrase often used to describe a pass that goes out of play.

REAL ESTATE - Used to describe the space/lack of space in the penalty area.

CHICKEN WING BATTLE - The phrase used to describe a tussle between players, in which there is excessive use of arms and elbows.

BULLDOGGING - The phrase used to describe when a player shows determination to win the ball back.

KNOCK LIKE A BEAR KISS - The phrase used to describe when a tackle is more clumsy than dangerous, and appears to be worse than it actually was.

Some of those things have to be a joke. Or made up. Or written by this guy?

Maybe it's some international conspiracy to make sure American soccer sucks. I have no idea.

Anyways, give credit to the LA Galaxy -- The Offside for the inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Those phrases have actually been used by American soccer commentators. There was a show on MLS in England (Because of Beckham, obviously) where they did a Glossary of terms and showed footage with the announcers using them. So, whilst they may not be in general use (although Soccer isn't a general sport in the US!) they are in use. Guess they're trying to liven it up for the average US sports fan who can only watch for 20 seconds at a time. Maybe they figured if they gave things stupid names they'd become 'events'.

Anonymous said...

I've heard 'Real Estate' used before, and I could see some stupid commentator using the chicken wing one. The rest of those are ridiculous. The English (and much of the rest of the world) really have a very, very ignorant point of view of how american soccer fans behave and follow the sport.
I'm not saying that there aren't some people who went to LA Galaxy games and asked why only two players on the field use their hands, but the majority of people who care enough to attend a match know a lot more about the sport.

AUSTIN said...


Anonymous said...

David Beckham Soccer USA, a show in the UK hosted by Tim Lovejoy, has a piece every week where they take a look at commentating in MLS and then do definitions. Most of the stuff is stuff the commentators make up on the fly or makes almost no sense even to Americans. What surprised me is the audience was familiar with "Upper 90." All commentators do it regardless of the country of origin. People just have to remember it fits into a context.

Richard said...

To Add what has been mentioned.
It is Beckham's Soccer USA (the UK edition) you can youTube it here

But basically, the majority are one-time colloquialisms and presenting them as as oft-used terminology. (Unlike, say Real-Estate, which IS used frequently in other sports)

Kinney said...

Actually you are right to blame Tommy. He is the only one who says "wastebasket" or "real estate." "Knock like a bear kiss" is Christian Sullivan I believe, "chicken wing battle" is either him or Max Bretos. I think bulldogging is Wynalda, but he doesn't say it that much so it could be anyone.

A bunch of these that are shown on the show are just one announcer's phrase. That said I love the bit on the show as it is hilarious. Making fun of Bretos' "comb over header" is always a good time.

John said...

I guess we consider American what we don't like...