September 30, 2007

Germany has the 'greatest team you've never heard of'

Germany beat Brazil 2-0 to win the 2007 Women's World Cup. Whoo!

The U.S. came in as the No. 1 ranked team and the favorite, but don't think for a second that the third-place finish was a failure -- like this ad campaign.

Was it a disappointment for the team, maybe. But the Hope Solo-controversy made women's soccer as relevant as it could ever be.

ESPN was all over that controversy like N.Y. Mets fans are on Prozac.

I can't count how many times Ms. Solo (right) was replayed bitching out her coach and criticizing her teammate.

Not too mention, I've received a crazy amount of comments on this post I did three weeks ago, just because Solo is now a household name (and everyone loves Googling her).

So yes, the American women got the bronze. But thanks to one malcontent goalkeeper, pissed at getting benched, the Women's World Cup was the greatest success they could have ever imagined.

Unless they still had Mia Hamm, or Heather Mitts for that matter.

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