September 20, 2007

POLL: Should 'seal dribbling' be allowed?

Some Brazilian named Kerlon (right) thinks he's hot stuff.

He can juggle a ball on his head and run by the defender. The only way to stop him is to foul him, and according to the rulebook, it's a completely legal maneuver.

Now it's starting some controversy. Whoo!

Opponents hate the guy. They thinks he's hot-dogging/cheating/sucking at life.

But Kerlon is undeterred.
"I'll never stop doing the play," Kerlon said. "They'll need to create a new law if they want me to stop."
Once again, the play is completely within the rules of the game. But kinda a bitch move if you ask me.

If he keeps on, he might want to up his health insurance plan, because I see a lot more of this in his future.

The world is debating, you settle it.

Should the 'seal dribble' be allowed?
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Anonymous said...

O Globo, a Brazilian paper, just did this poll too.

Here's a good link to an opposing player's way of handling the move:,,GIM731580-7824-EXPULSO+COELHO+E+EXPULSO+POR+AGREDIR+KERLON+AOS+DO+TEMPO,00.html

A number of other players have promised to react in the exact same way...

Anonymous said...

d'oh. Some of the link text gets lost. Not web-savvy enough to fix it for you guys.

The Manly Ferry said...

As much as I like your phrasing ("bitch move"...classic), let the kid do it. Creating new rules just goes the way of some monstrously over-regulated game like American football. I don't even know what's happening with that game half the time.