September 3, 2007

Valentin Nastase is sad...

School must have been rough for Valentin Nastase.

The Dinamo Bucharest central defender hurts something fierce when poked and prodded, when teased and laughed at.

So you can only imagine what did he do when the media, fans and club officials blamed him for the team's 3-1 loss to Lazio in Champions League qualifying -- a defeat that knocked the Romanian team out of the competition.

He quit.
"I'm not a coward but I'll immediately quit Dinamo," Nastase told reporters.
I'm pretty sure, Nastase once cried when his wife blamed him for leaving the garage-door open. Don't even ask what he did when he burned the last pot-roast at a recent house-party.

Like I said earlier, grade school must have been rough.

Anyways, I wish this guy well. Apparently he has three caps for the Romanian national team, meaning he's probably good enough to start on the U.S. team right now.

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