October 25, 2007

Soccer mom goes WWE on coach

And the enraged female grabbed a metal folding-chair and smashed it across the face of her enemy.

This isn't Wrestlemania. This is soccer.

And they say people don't care about the beautiful game in this country. American soccer hooliganism is alive and well thanks to enraged parents.
Cops said Alicia Vigil, 33, confronted the 68-year-old coach after her daughter's game at Sewanhaka HS in Elmont because she wasn't provided directions to the youth-club game via e-mail and had to get them from other parents.
Another crisis that could've been averted with MapQuest.

The coach, who gets paid exactly $0, suffered a busted lip and cut cheek. But Vigil didn't stop there, she then keyed the old guy's car.

The crazed mom was arrested without incident, but don't be fooled into a false sense of security. According to another coach in the area, the threat level is a steady 'orange.'
"You get one of these parents on every team."
Lock your doors everyone.

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