January 7, 2008

Beckham says 'fear' the coach

Eating spiders and worms. Sleeping with snakes and scorpions. Risking your health and sanity for pittance.

This 'fear factor,' or something like it, is the future David Beckham envisions for the English national team with the arrival of new manager, Fabio Capello.
'We had the fear factor the year we won La Liga. That is what all great managers have.

'The fear factor with a manager is important.
Okay, I don't really expect Steven Gerrard to do this, it is worth thinking about who the most feared coaches/managers are...

Here's my shortlist:
  • 1. Bobby Knight -- You're lucky if he makes you cry with a verbal tirade. Unlucky if he gets a hold of your throat, or a chair.

  • 2. John Turturro Billy Martin -- Okay, so sue me. Most of what I think I know about Martin I learned in that ESPN thingy. But alcohol + fiery = altercations galore.

  • 3. Mark Mangino (right) -- If you fear starvation. I do.

  • 4. Bill Belichick -- That hooded-sweatshirt look reminds me too much of slasher villian waiting to snap. Aren't we all just waiting for him to snap?

  • 5. Rob Ryan -- Here's a picture to remind you what the Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator looks like. Eerily similar to "Wolf" on American Gladiators.
What ya think? Who'd I miss?

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