January 29, 2008

POLL: Minute of silence or applause?

Soccer has many a glaring problem: hooliganism. But it appears as though a possible steps to recovery are being made.

Next week, at the Man. U-Man. City match, the Red Devils plan to hold a minute of silence in honor of the 1958 plane crash that killed 23 of the team.

Team officials from both sides, however, fear that the City fans will interrupt the tribute, thus provoking retaliation. It is a pretty ferocious rivalry, you know.

A suggested solution: a minute of applause.

While not as endearing, it saves the prospect of unruly supporters ruining the tribute.
"We plead with Manchester United to change from the proposed minute's silence to a minute's applause to allow all true football fans a chance to show their respects," Kevin Parker, secretary of the City supporters' club, said in a letter to United. "In this way, any idiots who do not share these views will be drowned out rather than highlighted."
It's also a practice that has worked in the past, notably in Italy.

But United officials are less-than-trilled at the prospect of applauding the deaths of the fallen.
"We feel a minute's silence is the most appropriate way of paying tribute," United spokesman Phil Townsend said. "We do not feel that applause is appropriate given that 23 people died."
Unfortunately, riots appear to be an inevitability. But when it comes to the one-minute tribute, where do you stand?

Old Trafford's tribute should be one of...

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Mustafa Redonkulous said...

How fucked up is it that they want applause only to cover up the unruly fans? Show the Citeh fans up.