May 29, 2008

Czechs give Latvia the royal treatment

On Tuesday, the Czech Republic national soccer team hosted an international soccer friendly -- or exhibition, for the layman.

A what a host they were!

For their opponent, they displayed the Latvian flag triumphantly and had an error-free listing of the Latvia soccer team with pictures, information and everything.

The Latvian national anthem Dievs, svētī Latviju! (God Bless Latvia!) rang proudly in Stadion Eden in Prague.

Unfortunately, Latvia wasn't playing.

The Czechs were playing Lithuania -- Latvia's Balkan Baltic :) neighbor -- that night.


Poor Lithuania. The small country of 3.4 million doesn't get headlines very often. And when deserving, well, it's forgotten.

Lithuania (49) is even 26 spots higher than Latvia (75) in the FIFA World Rankings!

The fallout amid numerous apologies has been drastic.
The federation's spokesman Vaclav Tichy took responsibility for the mistakes and resigned from his post. His deputy was fired and another federation official fined.
And as if that weren't enough...

The insult to injury, as they like to say...

The Czechs won 2-0.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Czechs aren't the only ones who are ignorant of all matters geographical.

"The Czechs were playing Lithuania -- Latvia's *Balkan* neighbor -- that night."

Balkan? BALKAN? Well, look at a map of Europe... I think you might have meant Baltic :)

::Insert your favorite dismissal of Americans' geographical knowledge::

I sure wish you more fun watching that mysterious game called "soccer" :)