May 14, 2008

EPL boot boy gets $60K Mercedes!

People get different rewards at their jobs.

Tips. Maybe a phone number or two. Insider trading.

This boot boy for Birmingham City midfielder Olivier Kapo got a car. A nice car.

A $60,000 Mercedes.

Whilst other boot boys in England hope for an autographed jerseys or some game-used shoes, this kid named James McPike got a gift worthy of a hip-hop music video.
James's first thought was that Kapo was joking. He told him he would struggle to afford the insurance for such an expensive car.

So the French international drove the disbelieving 20- year-old to his home, handed him the spare keys and log book, and then insisted on paying for a year's insurance.
In case you're wondering. A boot boy is like an apprentice. In exchange for hanging out with an EPL star, he's supposed to help out with all the dirty work.

Kapo, who once played for Juventus and makes $3 million a year, might've felt generous.

But I'm not buying it.

I'm thinking McPike has some dirt on the soccer star. Saw him with a tranny hooker maybe.

It's the only thing that makes sense. I mean this was the biggest and bestest gift ever given to a boot boy!

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Hunter said...

so i'm home from work at 3 in morning on deadspin get this link to a soccer blog with a domain name of some one i might know and sure enough my friend josh mayers is the one in charge. i love it. i can't read every article tonight but i'll get to it by the end of the weekend. later man.