June 2, 2008

Eto'o headbutts Cameroon journalist

Samuel Eto'o and the Cameroonian national soccer team brought a new meaning to the term "beat reporter."

Apparently there was quite a scuffle between the team and the national media over the weekend.

It all started when the reporters boycotted a team press conference because their access to the players had been limited -- which didn't go over well with the team.

Yadda, yadda, yadda... Chaos ensued. And local radio reporter Philippe Bony got the worst of it.
In the melee that followed, members of the Cameroon team confiscated television cameras and mobile phones, according to the journalists present.

"He (Eto'o) grabbed me round the neck, then headbutted me above the lip. My tooth has been loosened," Bony told AFP.
Bony said he also suffered multiple hand-fractures and will seek legal action against the Barcelona star.

So soccer fans and non-fans alike, you're allowed to bring back the Zidane references again.

Like I so tastefully did with some photoshop work...

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