July 19, 2008

Porto gets no punishment for ref bribes

The Portuguese league champs are back in the UEFA Champions League after an appeal by rivals Benfica and Guimaraes was dismissed.

Porto was initially docked six points and kicked outta the UCL for attempting to bribe refs, but they still won the league title and are back in the competition.

So essentially they got away with it.

It's a big decision, because now Benfica has to settle for the UEFA Cup -- or whatever it's called -- and Guimaraes gets no European competition.


madne0 said...

GuimarĂ£es ended third in the league, so they still get to go to the Champions League Third Qualifying Round.
As for Porto...what can i say? They've been the undisputed kings of corruption in Portugal for the past 20-25 years and they got away with it. Why should i change now?

madne0 said...

whoops, meant to say "Why should IT change now" of course.