August 13, 2008

Blackburn gotta praying room!

That's right.

The English Premier League side has decided to change a toilet room at Edwood Park into a praying room, where fans can plead to whatever soccer god is listening for soccer relevancy.

Don't worry it's multi-faith. So Baha'i folk, they gotcha covered (ed note: this is unsubstantiated claim).
It is one of the first such facilities to open at a Premier League football stadium.

The move has been praised as “commendable” by the Lancashire Council of Mosques and The Dean of Blackburn Cathedral.
I'm pretty sure that's the first time both of those groups have agreed on something (another unsubstantiated claim).

The praying room is built in the lower concourse where you can engage in other godly activities like drinking and gambling.

I'm pretty sure every stadium in the world needs one of these...

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