September 26, 2008

Don't break up with Brazilian women

Though the common man could only dream of being with a Brazilian female -- you know, the ones with this kind of reputation. But if you get one, never let her go.

Trust me.

Take the story of Thiago da Silva. The second-division Brazilian soccer player was tortured then murdered in a horrific set-up by his ex-girlfriend after breaking up with her.

He died Wednesday night after being shot three times.

He girlfriend and aunt are believed to have hired hitmen and have been arrested.
Before he passed away, da Silva was able to tell the police that he had fallen into a trap last Thursday evening, shortly after discussing the end of his relationship with his girlfriend, Alyne Padula.
Poor guy.


The Prophet said...

Damn....I thought I had it bad when an ex-girlfriend stole some of my shirts and maxed out my Visa card....

Anonymous said...

American Women will make you wish you were dead! Don't break up with them if you have kids--they will harrass you with the child support system even after you've sunk 20 feet into your grave!

emily garnhart said...

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