October 15, 2008

240 gallons of booze seized from soccer fans

Scotland knows how to tailgate.

Leave it to the cops to ruin a party. (Kidding coppers, good work, it probably would've gotten ugly)

Over 240 gallons of booze were seized from fans by police before Scotland's World Cup qualifier over the weekend.

Luckily for the fans, that was only half the total. So a check with the calculator means the Scots had almost 500 gallons of alcohol in store. But the policemen were crafty in their anti-drinking enforcement.
Transport officers armed with dip strips tested liquids carried by fans, which are often disguised in containers not normally used for alcohol.
Dip strips? Nice...

To be fair to the fans, they were in store for a 0-0 tie. Not only that, a 0-0 tie that included this miss for their team:

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