February 18, 2009

Bayern probably won't keep Donovan

Don't get too comfortable in that shirt Landon.

The Bayern Munich chairman says it's unlikely the club will keep the American after the loan deal expires.
"Donovan is an interesting player,'' Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told the Munich newspaper TZ in an interview published Tuesday. "But when you have Klose, Toni and Olic already under contract, we think the fourth player (striker) should really be a young player with perspective.''
It's true. There is surely a better fit out there.



Xanthorpe said...

Fulham would be OK but I think LD could be something special at Everton. They are weak in the striker department; Yakubu hurt and Saha perpetually injured. True, they just signed Jo but the general depth and quality of their forwards could be a weakness Donovan could exploit.

I think Landon has the speed for the Prem and he's got the fire in his belly now - he needs to keep that stoked!

laurie said...

I want to see Landon in a top European league so badly!

Of course, I want Beckham to stay in Europe too, but for different reasons.

(Loser! Quitter! Thanks for nuttin'!)

Okay, I feel better now.