February 26, 2009

Champions League round-up

Chelsea 1, Juventus 0 -- The Blues looked to be the stronger side all game. Didier Drogba looked especially sharp, and put away the game-winner thanks to a perfect pass from Salomon Kalou (I love that kid). Both sides will leave semi-satisfied in this one.

Bayern Munich 5, Sporting Lisbon 0 -- Holy beatdown. Ribery was too good. Toni had a couple goals. The only sad thing was Landon Donovan wasn't in the lineup. Bayern could start me and a couple friends in the second leg and be fine.

Liverpool 1, Real Madrid 0 -- I did not see this coming. Especially in the Bernabeu. And how: Yossi Benayoon rises above the field on a set piece to power home a header? Really? Well, whatever works. It capped off a great group of first-leg matches for the English clubs.

Villareal 1, Panathinaikos 1 -- The Greeks got a great goal from Giorgias Karagounis and escaped with a draw and an away goal. Mission accomplished for them, but the second leg will be a toss up.

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