February 9, 2009

Manic Monday: LINKS!

Manic Monday: I'll be working tirelessly on a story all day today, but will be posting videos and links throughout the day. Enjoy!

Pele rockin' the house. Gotta love it.

On to the links:
  • The Mexican voodoo is back! [Yahoo!]
  • A great shot at Robbie Keane. [RandomSarahness]
  • Tottenham getting a bit excited. [The Spoiler]
  • Henry to MLS talk? [SBI]
  • Angry Ajax fans disturb practice. [101GG]
  • Landon and Co. on official U.S. roster for Wednesday. [AP]
  • Wanna buy some Freddie L. gear? Kinda. [Off the Post]
  • Tevez has his car seized. [SI]
  • More on the Galaxy-Milan tug-o'-war. [FoxSports]
  • More Appiah talk? [Goff]
  • Bobby Convey released by Reading. [Goal.com]
  • Rafa in a win-EPL-or-get-fired situation? [ESPN]
  • Tony Adams. Out. [Daily Mail]

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