February 13, 2009

Mass of links and videos

It was a late night working and celebrating the Washington men's basketball team retaking first place in the Pac-10. Not much happened in the soccer world Thursday and not much is expected Friday.

So here's a mass of links and videos to keep you busy today...

VIDEO 1: TicTac commercial reenacts some goal

VIDEO 2: Brazil -- masters of the necessary unnecessary

VIDEO 3: Some crazy mascot is a Sunderland fan?

On to the links:
  • The Premiership went after the respectable folk over at The Offside for using English club crests in identifying teams. So lame. [The Offside]
  • The Sounders FC cut a bunch of players. [Times blog]
  • Valencia has no money, but wants to keep its stars. Conundrum! [Telegraph]
  • David James is a big Sven supporter. [Times Online]
  • Some dude got dumped via Facebook. Ouch. [Off the Post]
  • Thierry Henry is not a fan of French fans. [ESPN]
  • Chelsea is bleeding money, might need to sell some dudes. [Daily Mail]
  • Ancelotti rules out move to the Blues. [SI]
  • USA v. Mexico got some big rating. [Goal!]
  • Giggs gets a new deal. [Yahoo!]
  • Milan offers new Beckham deal to MLS, an amount that rivals Jozy's price. [MLSR]
  • Beckham donated his record-setting shirt to charity. [BBC]
  • High school fight! [Unprofessional Foul]
  • Samir Nasri can't leave his home, he's such a ladies' man. [The Spoiler]
  • The Bent Ultimatum. [Guardian]
And I leave with a conflicted picture from a photo diary of the big game. Good times.

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