February 19, 2009

MyFootballClub having problems

I saw this story in the Guardian yesterday. It looks like the group needs 3,000 people to renew their memberships or the club will have some serious issues: like selling.

It was one year ago today that the Internet community purchased Ebbsfleet United FC.

The team won the FA Trophy in the first year of new ownership, but the community involvement has dropped every month.
This apathy has lead [website creator and owner Will] Brooks to temper his optimism: "If we have as much money in year two we will be laughing but, as many suspect we are not going to keep 32,000 members, it's whether or not there is going to be enough to cover the ongoing monthly loss. So technically, yes, the club's bank account is at zero, which is probably something not a lot of football clubs have. But that is totally relying now on the members."
Uh oh...


weenie said...

We've had around 5000 people renew and yes, it does mean we have a vastly reduced membership and funds to play around with.

What's happened is that the people who signed up on a whim or were not interested in the club have not renewed and the people left are the ones who really want Myfootballclub and Ebbsfleet to succeed. It was inevitable and hardly a shock.

The press has been totally negative about it all but at the end of the day, even this bad publicity is getting new members to sign up every day.

Matthew Cain said...

I've written about my experience of joining as an idealistic enthusiast, becoming disillusioned and then finally drifting away. It was a brave experiment but poorly executed: http://blog.matthewcain.co.uk/myfootballclub-a-case-study-of-bad-consultation/