February 24, 2009

Sit down Middlesbrough!

There's nothing I can add to this letter to Middlesbrough fans from the club safety officer, so I'm just going to copy the text into a post and wait for you to laugh at it's ridiculousness.
Dear Block 53A supporter

Standing at Riverside Stadium

Here's a message sent to its fans by the EPL team:

Over the last few games this season the stewards have tried hard to persuade you all to sit down in this area of the ground.

The club are grateful of and encourage your noisy passionate support, but please remember that the Safety Certificate for the ground, issued by Middlesbrough Council, does not allow permanent standing within the seating areas.

I know when the action is exciting and the team are shooting at the north end of the ground the instinct of every fan is to stand, I do not want to stop you doing this, but then please sit down. If you could adhere to this but still maintain your level of support then all parties will be happy.

We need you to work with the stewards towards a safe environment, this compromise is the way forward and respects the wishes of other fans, which want to sit in the same area as you but cannot stand.

I am receiving more and more complaints from our own fans also seated in this area about both the persistent standing and the constant banging and noise coming from the back of this stand. Please stop, make as much noise as you like when we score, but this constant noise is driving some fans mad.
This is the saddest thing I've ever heard. How could you cheer when the 'Applause' sign was clearly NOT flashing?!?

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SSReporters said...

I've watched enough Boro games to ask this question.....

What noise? The stadium is always 60% empty and the fans don't exactly make it as loud as Stoke City fans do.

This is pathetic to write a letter like that.