February 27, 2009

Soccer is destroying the world

So say the treehuggers. Seriously.

Check out this story at TreeHugger.com, listing the top seven sports that ruin the environment.
2. Soccer

For many, soccer is a fantastic, beautiful sport. The game unites cultures, countries, and backgrounds in a common bond of athletic competition. It requires nothing but some friends, a ball, and an afternoon full of fresh air: Unless you're one of the hundreds of thousands of people who play it professionally. Then, you'll need buses, cars, and airplanes to transport you across continents. After all, soccer (rather, football, to everyone but us stubborn Americans) is the biggest, most widely followed sport in the world--and that means players across Europe, Australia, North and South America, Africa, Asia, virtually everywhere except Antarctica are traveling from game to game, collectively creating a fossil fuel-burning storm.
Here's the countdown: 1, Skydiving; 2, Soccer; 3, NASCAR; 4, Hunting and blood sports; 5, Downhill skiiing/snowboarding; 6, Drag boat racing (motor boat racing); 7, Aerobatics and Air Racing.

Oh my lord... I know what you're thinking. No. 2?!?

Ahead of NASCAR and hunting? Ridiculous.

[Hat tip to Goff and his readership for the find]

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