February 12, 2009

Telling all LINKS

Word is Danielle Lloyd, an uber Wag that has been with a number of pro soccer players, is writing a book that's gonna reveal a bunch of dirt of these poor guys.

Should be some good blogging material on its way.
  • Sounders FC win again, 6-1. [Times blog]
  • Top 10 Torres ads. [Anorak]
  • Ottawa being promised MLS club for stadium. [TSN]
  • Kinnear to have heart operation. [Daily Mail]
  • Final 3 W.C. qualifying locations: Chicago, Salt Lake, D.C. [WV Hooligan]
  • There's a deadline for a Beckham deal. [BBC]
  • Real Madrid is the world's richest club. Blame the pound. [SI]

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