February 26, 2009

United fans attacked in Milan

Here's the story (it'll be in italics). My analysis will follow.
"Three Manchester United supporters were attacked by four Inter Milan fans in the aftermath of the Champions League match between the teams on Tuesday, ANSA news agency reported."
I can do that math. Unless one of the United supporters was Jackie Chan or The Transporter, the Italians had the edge in numbers.
The incident occurred shortly after midnight, near the stadium, on a road connecting the San Siro with the nearest metro stop.
Where's the mention of staggering drunks? Don't lie, you know alcohol was involved.
The United fans, aged 28, 48 and 49, were taken to San Carlo hospital in Milan for treatment. One suffered a broken nose and another a cut on the head. All three were later discharged.
Jackie's 54 years old, Jason Statham is 36. The numbers don't add up. Couldn't have been them.
The group of Inter fans escaped in a car before police could apprehend them. No motive was given for the attack.
No motive? Really?

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