February 12, 2009

U.S.A. 2, Mexico 0 -- my thoughts

This is the first soccer game I've ever watched in HD. Let me say, it is glorious.

Alright, here are my thoughts on this great win:
  • Suck it voodoo mongers!
  • Michael Bradley (right) had a world-class performance. Along with having the game's only two goals, I was equally impressed with his influence on the game. He was in the action on both sides of the ball; he made some great tackles and great passes. Daddy's boy/coach's kid did extremely well. He's a must in the A-team lineup.
  • Man, I really wish this team had a finisher. THE guy. Maybe by South Africa 2010 that will be Jozy.
  • The U.S. was lucky to survive the mistakes in the back. There were numerous lapses on defense that Mexico coulda/shoulda capitalized on. Better teams would have. Thank god Ochoa sucks, Castillo got hurt and Dos Santos couldn't finish.
  • Maybe Kljestan isn't a lock in the middle, like we all thought he'd be after that Sweden performance. He was mediocre.
  • I love having an ol' reliable in the back like Tim Howard (right). He definitely calms the nerves sometimes.
  • It was good to see a little life out of DMB, but Dempsey was definitely underwhelming.
  • The U.S. possession game was better than I've remembered or thought it would be.
  • Did I mention the HD was awesome?
  • It sure is nice to win a big game and push Mexico down with a big ol' American boot, ain't it? Though I do hope they play well in the other qualifiers. It's always good for your main rival to be competitive.
That's all I got. I was very excited for the game and the win. I made sure everyone in the office was watching, though I think most of them liked the red card most.

Here's enjoy the highlights:

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