February 19, 2009

van der Sar continues to twiddle his thumbs

That's 1,302 shutout minutes now for the Manchester United netminder.

The Daily Mail came up with a buncha things one can do in the near 22 some hours the Dutchman has been not allowing goals.
1. Count the £10,333 he earns in wages every 22 hours.
2. Watch every minute of United's triumphant Champions League campaign from last season.
3. Drive to Wembley and back to Manchester three times. Beware the traffic, though.
4. Fly to his native Holland and back seven times.
5. Watch a replay of last year's epic Wimbledon final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer four times in a row - with time for a half-hour kip before each viewing.
6. Time to make Heston Blumenthal's perfect Spaghetti Bolognese three times. Recommended simmering time: seven to eight hours
7. Complete a 'normal' 22-hour shift on one of the dangerous fishing boats featured in the hit TV series Deadliest Catch.
8. Sit down for the entire first series of 24 with time for a cup of tea between each episode.
9. Plenty of time to complete the Ironman Triathlon. A 2.4 mile swim and 112m bike followed by a marathon. Current world record: 8hrs 4mins 8sec.
10. Do 28 full cycles on the Tube's Circle Line (journey time: 47 minutes). Regular commuters will deny one is possible, let alone 28.
You heard 'em, Edwin.

Have at it!

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