February 25, 2009

VIDEO: Fake ad looks pro, and vice versa

Great work -- do they do any other kind -- over at The Offside the other day.

Big Daddy D spotted a couple soccer ads. You'd never guess which one was legit and which one was remarkably loud, long and overdone...

1. The real one, epic and awesome

2. The fake one, turn the volume down

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Storm said...

Don't you get comedy? The 2nd video is just a comedy sketch from some tv show. Anyway, it's taking the piss out of the Premier League... nothing to do with the UEFA Cup. I thought the Yank UEFA Cup one was very overdone anyway.... typically American I suppose.

And it's FOOTBALL, not Soccer. I bet there are more people in the world who recognise it as being Football, than there are people in America who insist on calling it Soccer. You should change the name of American Football (which has nothing to do with using your feet with a ball btw).