March 23, 2009

Call the ambulance LINKS

Another day. Another couple stars back on the shelf with injuries.

Looks like Dimitar Berbatov is out for a couple weeks of service -- both with United and the Bulgarian national team -- with a bum ankle. Then Arsenal's young talent, Theo Walcott, could be out for the year now.

A doctor for soccer team is probably the safest job in the world.

Now the links:
  • Some lucky Seattle fan got a Montero jersey. [SSE]
  • Ronaldo aiming for 30 goals in Brazil. [SI]
  • Six Hondurans cleared of doping. [FoxSports]
  • Cops warn Drogba of throwing coins. [Canadian Press]
  • A new top 25. [Soccer Source]
  • Beckham on England's roster. [Yahoo!]

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