March 18, 2009

Cesc a spitter

News yesterday wasn't about Arsenal come-from-behind 2-1 win against Hull City in the FA Cup.

It wasn't about the William Gallas game-winner coulda/shoulda been called back for offsides.

It was all about spittle. And it turns out Hull coach Phil Brown is accusing Mr. Fabregas of an attack of such variety.
"I was there and I witnessed it, he spat at my assistant manager down the tunnel,'' Brown said. "That is their club captain, hopefully he is proud of himself. He spat at his feet.''

Horton is said to be willing to report Fabregas to the Football Association, while Brown is unwilling to accept an apology if it is offered by the Spaniard.
Cesc denies the accusation through the team's website: "I categorically deny that I spat at anybody after the match. I have never done this in my whole career on the pitch, so why would I do it when I am not even playing?"

So who do you believe? I was once soccer with a guy that spit every five seconds.

Perhaps it was a non-malicious spit that was seen as one...

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Anonymous said...

I reckon maybe Cesc spit on the ground without any intention of spitting at someone and Phil Brown (characteristically) is making it into a big deal because he's upset he failed to get a result (again)