March 24, 2009

Dr. Mourinho...?

With an the time this guy spends in the headlines, when does Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho find time to get an honorary doctorate from Lisbon's Technical University.

That's all his ego needs: a PhD following his name. Especially considering he just majored in physical education and sport more than 20 years ago.
"I'm not sure I deserve this accolade,'' Mourinho said. "I'm surprised by it. I'm probably a source of pride for the faculty, but I've pursued my career without thinking about such things.''
He's got that right.

But, of course, the same 24-hour span Mourinho has made other headlines. Turns out he's pissed off a bunch of people in Italian soccer by saying team presidents are making all the decisions -- a la Al Davis with the Oakland Raiders.

He also had to jab the Red Devils a bit, by picking Porto to upset Manchester United in the Champions League quarterfinals.

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