March 17, 2009

English police apology for racial profiling

Well, that wasn't the exact apology, but it should have.

Everton's 20-year-old striker Victor Anichebe and his friend were window shopping in front of a jewelry store in Crenshire when some cops confronted them -- apparently for being two young black men scoping out a potential theft.

Turns out the friend was handcuffed after an argument broke out.
Anichebe described the incident as "highly embarrassing and totally humiliating" and said he believed they had been stopped because they are black.
Naturally the police completely reject the idea that race was involved. But what would you expect them to say.

But they didn't apologize for the misunderstanding. Turns out some young black guys can actually afford to buy jewelry...

This reminds me of the story when Claude Makelele -- I think it was him -- was refused service in a French liquor store because he was black. So his white driver had to buy the drinks for the international soccer star.

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