March 25, 2009

Evra blasts French fans

Yes, he's French also.

Patrice Evra says they don't support the national team enough. And they don't have enough soccer culture. And they suck way more than Manchester United fans.
"I was disappointed to see the fans shouting 'ola' when the Argentinians were doing their tricks," he told France sports daily L'Equipe.
Then he quotes his club teammate Carlos Tevez, who says the French crowd in a recent friendly versus Argentina made it feel like Buenos Aires.

And that they had pro-Argentina signs and flags, but none for their hometown French side.

Evra went on to say it's having a negative effect on the team.
"The supporters need to be behind us. If they want us to get to the World Cup they will need to do something different."
Psh, the excuses of the underachievers.

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Adrian said...

I would have to agree with Evra's comments. I feel that it is the overall indifference of the French people. They are for the most part fair-weather fans that are supportive when their team is doing well and negative when things are going wrong. My experience in Paris during the World Cup, was a perfect example of their overall attitude towards football. When things got difficult for the French after Zidane's sending off, the excitement and hope that they had seemed to slip away.