March 3, 2009

German game delayed due to rabid fans

Visiting Stuttgart was kept from entering the Karlsruhe stadium the other day as he was blocked by the home fans.
A group of Karlsruhe followers barricaded the entrance to the Wildparkstadion over an hour before kick-off and peppered the Stuttgart team coach with an array of missiles and fireworks when it arrived.
Holy chaos. The visitors had to take a side entrance. The rival fans were separated all over the place, which I hear is uncommon over there, but maybe it shouldn't be.
Stuttgart director of sport Horst Heldt said: ''This arrival through KSV fans is unreasonable for visiting teams. The city of Karlsruhe has got to find a solution.''

Numerous arrests were made as the derby was overshadowed by violence outside the ground.
Oh yeah, of course there was a riot of sorts after the game and 150 arrests were made.

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