March 26, 2009

Pele in denial mode

Robinho asked for an apology after some disparaging remarks from Pele.

Instead he got a denial.

The legend said his comments about how Robinho and Ronaldo are drug users were misinterpreted. The conference was closed to the media, but a radio station got it on tape.
An unidentified spokesman for Pele told the Jornal do Brasil newspaper on Wednesday that Pele was questioned about general problems soccer players had faced. While his quote seemed to connect Robinho and Ronaldo—along with Diego Maradona—to past drug use, the spokesman said that was not Pele’s intention.
The spokesman said the comments were meant to compare incidents with the law (e.g. Robinho's sexual assault case).

I think we're nearing a resolution. Thankfully this probably won't end up in court.

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