March 20, 2009


3-0. 32,000+. 1-0.

Pick your number. They're all perfect. A spotless debut.

Led by 22-year-old phenom Fredy Montero, the Sounders FC exploded out of the gates with a shockingly dominant 3-0 win over the New York Red Bulls at a packed Qwest Field on Thursday night.

Utter domination.

Afterward, everyone was in awe of the atmosphere. Seattle fans left wondering 'does it get any better?'

The blogosphere was certainly shaken. Check out live blogs by SBI and UF to get an outsider's perspective.

Some of my thoughts:
  • Montero = Boss.
  • The Seattle defense was surprisingly strong. I never though Zach Scott would get the clear upper-hand against Dane Richards. Same with Jhon Kennedy Hurtado against JPA.
  • Kasey Keller will be worth about 10 extra points on his own this season.
  • People worry about this team's depth? What happens when Ljungberg and Vagenas come back? And Parke maybe?
  • What was impressive is how no one on the Sounders FC had a bad game on Thursday. Le Toux, Nyassi, Alonso, Marshall. All good.
  • I did not expect to see that much rave green in the stands. Or scarves.
  • The Sounders FC plays the beautiful game. Even non soccer-lovers in the office were getting very into the action.
It's gonna be a great season. Check out some highlights.

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Xanthorpe said...

I live in Florida - I've been a Buccaneers fan all my life - Tampa Bay and Seattle NFL expansion franchises came into the league the same year - 1976, so I've had no good reason to support Seattle sports.

I remember being in Seattle, maybe 1994, when Miami was playing Washington - I can't remember now if it was a bowl game or not - I think it was. Suffice it to say, my friend and I were not the most popular guys in the bar!

But last night...last night was poetry. I could pick apart some sloppy play on the Sounders side but compared to New York, they played exquisite football. My son is begging for a long-sleeved jersey - I might get one myself.

Call it bandwagon hopping or whatever, but I think I've found a team to root for in MLS. I'll always root for Donovan - I just like that guy for some reason - but pulling for LA always seemed hollow.

Well done lads!