March 2, 2009

Shoes and LINKS

Anyone got a pair of these beauties?

Didn't think so.

The links!
  • Ever hear the Gerrard Rhapsody? [Off the Post]
  • Top 10 ugly players. [The Sun]
  • Don Cherry -- some hockey dude -- rips on soccer. [Total Pro Sports]
  • The recession kills some Euro bids. [Yahoo!]
  • Inter was saved over the weekend by Crespo. [ESPN]
  • Some Saudi coach was sacked for disrespect. [101GG]
  • Did you catch Michael Parkhurst's debut? []
  • The latest of the user-fed galleries. [Guardian]
  • Gordon Ramsey = liar? [Run of Play]
  • A new world's top 25. [Soccer Source]
  • Messi's got a girlfriend. [Kickette]
  • Ready for some goal-line technology? [SI]


Nikki said...

Thanks for linking.!! Those shoes are really beautiful. I love the pattern.

tomas said...

Interesting post.!! Well, I always prefer to wear comfortable and flexible shoes.