March 18, 2009

Some MLS tidbits

Word is Barcelona still has an eye on Major League Soccer, even after the Miami thing kinda blew up. Now the Catalan club is looking at investing in the new Philly franchise.
Joan LaPorta, president of FC Barcelona, visited Philadelphia on Feb. 28 and toured the site of the franchise’s future stadium being constructed in Chester, Pa. The tour took place days before FC Barcelona announced it wouldn’t pursue an expansion franchise in Miami.
No one is really building the link up but it seems to make sense. And you would think the league would love to have the money and prestige on the Spanish franchise involved in MLS.

Another thing that the league could get excited about is bringing Bofo to American soccer.

The Mexican star said he's considering a summer move stateside. I've heard Houston and Chivas USA as natural fits. Plus the guy's a character, which is always going for promoting a brand.

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