March 31, 2009

Stampede fallout

After such a tragedy, some began to get concerned. How worried should people be, considering the world is coming to the continent in a year?

Naturally the World Cup organizer says it won't be a problem. Danny Jordaan is the dude's name. He blamed the fact that the ticket-less fans came late to the game and triggered the stampede -- something that won't happen in South Africa.
"Those things will not occur in the Confederations Cup or the World Cup. It is impossible.''
Others offered a different source of the panic: tear gassing cops. That's not very reassuring.

Didier Drogba offered his thoughts on the tragedy. It was surprisingly insightful from an athlete that always appeared to be a little self-centered. Here's another story on the Ivory Coast football chief begging for calm surrounding the incident.

Finally here's a video from ESPN discussing the topic.

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