March 2, 2009

United wins Carling Cup

That's one trophy, wait, makes that three. This via penalty shootout against Tottenham with a backup goalkeeper.

How many do they win this season?
Club World Cup? Check.
Carling Cup? Check.
EPL title? Check (not official yet).
FA Cup? Still alive.
Champions League? Still Alive.
Looks like another glorious season for the Red Devils.

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Xanthorpe said...

Someone has to say it:

Glory, Glory, Man United!

With a win up in Jordy-land this week, they're 10 points clear in the league. That will be tough to overcome, even with Chelsea's resurgence under Hiddink. (Even though Lampard got lucky this weekend. Oh my gosh, the Wigan defender totally misplayed the ball and then the keeper just stood there while Lamps' header floated over his head and into the net - pitiful!