April 10, 2009

Adriano is taking a break

After a mysterious disappearance -- where some thought he might be dead -- Adriano has revealed some shocking news.

He's quitting soccer indefinitely.

His agent said he'd return to the practice field next week... it's gonna be a bit longer than that...
"I will stop playing for the moment," he said on Thursday. "I don't know whether I will go one, two, three months without playing. I will take advantage of this time to think about my career, since I was not happy in Italy."
I would say too bad for Inter Milan, but they probably don't care. At least they get a refund on a bad investment.

He said he couldn't stand the pressure of living in Italy.
He also denied media reports of possible illness or addiction problems, saying, "I am not sick, alcoholic or a drug user."

"Everything I did was well thought out. I talked to my family, my friends and my agent, and I am doing this with my happiness in mind," he said.
He's officially the craziest, most unstable dude in the game.

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