April 7, 2009

Lazio fuming over Macheda exit

Now that Federico Macheda is a household name, his former club is making a fuss.

Lazio is essentially accusing Manchester United of illegal recruiting to get the prospect at the English club.
But the club who reared Macheda accused United of throwing money at his family in order to bring him to England shortly after his 16th birthday in August 2007.

Lazio president Claudio Lotito said: 'All these players are robbed (stolen) as a matter of course by this club. They are always outside what is normal in terms of etiquette.

'They go to the parents and give them money and important jobs. These are boys who come from poor families. The families base their choices on economic interests.

'It's not moral. It is like a cattle market. The young players are treated like cattle.'
Yikes. Where was all this before he scored one of the biggest goals of the year...?

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