April 13, 2009

Red Star Belgrade players are so poor...

...how poor are they?

Red Star Belgrade players are so poor -- due to the financially-troubled team not being able to pay wages -- that they can't pay rent.

Or for food.

No joke.
"The landlord came over earlier this week and told me to pay three months' rent I owe him or pack my stuff and leave," [Mirnes] Sisic told Belgrade daily newspapers published on Friday.

"If Red Star can't at least give me money for a roof over my head, never mind what the club owes me in wages, I will have no choice but to go back to Slovenia and stay with my parents.

"I can't believe a club of Red Star's stature has allowed this to happen, it's like the Titanic. Young players are in an even more humiliating position, as we give them daily handouts so that they can buy themselves some lunch and coffee."
Not only that, the team's fans are setting fires in away stadiums.


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