May 8, 2009

100% committed LINKS

Mr. Adebayor says he's 100-percent committed to Arsenal.

Like I am 100 percent committed to this blog. But work is getting hectic and we're entering the home stretch of the spring season, so posting might get spotty until June.

Consider this your warning.

Now for some links:
  • The top 8 GIFs of Wildman Ballack. [Pies]
  • A forum that includes many others. [ONTD]
  • Clichy out for the year. [BBC]
  • Troops banned from playing soccer. [Sports Rubbish]
  • MLS refs > UCL refs? [The Offside]
  • Bremen deny Diego-to-Juve link. [ESPN]
  • Top 10 targeted refs. [Off the Post]
  • EPL big four asked to share money. [The Spoiler]
  • Wambach suspended in WPS. [Goff]
  • Asian soccer chief compared to criminal. []
  • Mexican stadiums to half-capacity? [SI]

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