May 27, 2009

Brazilian fans attack team

Holy crap. Isn't Brazil supposed to be the land of pretty sunsets, nice beaches and joga bonito?

Not rabid fans that break into a team practice and assault the players. That's what happened to Fluminense the other day in Rio.
Television pictures showed around 30 supporters running on to the field as the players were training. One man was seen to aim a punch at the midfielder Diguinho, who hit back and tried to escape through a side door. Reports said fans retreated after a security guard fired two shots into the air.
The gunshots are a point of contention as the team claims no employees carry guns.


The practice carried on indoors, though I can't imagine the play was very sharp. Fans continued to protest outside, apparently they don't like the team's recent form (work not-so-hard, play harder).

Nothing like a little vigilante justice. Eh?

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