May 27, 2009

Champions League final prediction

Here it is. The big day.

I'm kinda nervous. But not in a girly Dimitar Berbatov-way -- who recently said he might not step up to take a penalty kick after his FA Cup embarrassment. That's the kind of killer instinct you look for in your forwards, right?

It looks like Rio, Thierry and Iniesta will all be playing. That's good. No excuses for the loser.

Let's see, two great offenses, maybe a slight edge to Barcelona. But I strongly favor United's midfield and defense.

I call it a 2-1 win for the Red Devils.

33' -- Rooney (Carrick)
68' -- Ronaldo (un)
82' -- Eto'o (Messi)

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Xanthorpe said...

I'm down with that - I also predicted a 2-1 Man Utd. win yesterday. I think Barca will score on a PK because either Evra or Vidic will take someone down in the box.

I like Ronaldo and Tevez to score (he'll be on in the 2nd half as a sub). But I'd really like for Giggs to score.

Dark horse for a United goal: Park.