May 6, 2009

Champions League prediction

Semifinal -- second leg
At Stamford Bridge
(Aggregate tied 0-0)

I got some predictions right yesterday. United would advance. C-Ron would score twice. That's about it.

Not getting an away goal will kill the Blues. Like yesterday, once Barca scores, it'll be an uphill battle for the home team.

Henry's injury will keep this one close. Call it a 2-2 tie, Barcelona advances.

10' -- Iniesta (Xavi)
44' -- Lampard (un)
55' -- Messi (Iniesta)
80' -- Drogba (Ballack)

1 comment:

Sportsbettingcentre said...

I guess you couldn't have predicted Abidal getting a red for nowt. Ten minutes to go and Barca need a goal if your prediction is to succeed.