May 28, 2009

Champions League thoughts

Let's do 'em bullet-style, that's always more fun.
  • Xavi is the best. No surprise he's on the reigning European national team and club team champion. There is not a player in the world I enjoy watching more. And only the post denied him from a great goal.
  • All the same praise goes to Iniesta.
  • Barcelona playing with a lead is a beautiful thing. Though it doesn't leave for much late-game excitement because they're gonna win. But that passing display was magical.
  • People have been harshly criticizing Ronaldo's efforts, I thought his impact was ten-fold greater than anyone else on the Red Devils.
  • Especially Rooney. Ugh, what a stinker from him.
  • POYs Vidic and Giggs looked pretty average if not mediocre out there. Especially on that first goal Nemanja. Yeesh.
  • Spotless game from the refs I thought. Well done dudes.
  • Welcome Pep Guardiola to the ranks of the great. Fergie's tactics looked poor in comparison.
  • What an effort from Carlos Puyol.
  • The Gladiator-themed in the beginning was epic.
  • I, for one, missed Darren Fletcher. I didn't miss Dani Alves.
  • What a game. Nothing like soccer played at the highest level.
  • The champions are coming to Seattle!

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