May 7, 2009

A crying shame...

The game that made Chelsea a bunch of raving lunatics.

Afterward I was left shaking my head.

Barcelona didn't deserve to win the game.

Messi and Eto'o were invisible. Chelsea dominated the chances and, yes, had earned at least one penalty kick. Oh yeah, Barca blocked two shots in the penalty box with arms -- freakin' Pique even admitted his guilt.

Unbelievable. A disgrace to the game.

That ref probably won't be in charge of a meaningful game anytime soon -- maybe at the JV level. Horribly inconsistent and certainly the story of the game.

Some will say, things are even considering the errant red card giving to Abidal -- but I don't think so. Chelsea was in a defensive mode at that point and nothing really changed after Barcelona went down a man.

Now obviously the Blues could've easily scored a second to end all discussion (that means you Drogba), but I still think the result was stolen from them.

That said, I'm definitely more excited for a United-Barcelona final than the all-English alternative.

So all's well that ends well for the fans.


Kasia said...

Barca were not given deserved penalty in the 1st leg. Ballack was not red carded, and he should be. So in the end the winner is the tem who is able to score away.

I'm really glad that such people as Ballack and Drogba are not going to play in the final.

Anonymous said...

Chelski sucks, if a team of well-paid superstars can only score one goal in two CL semifinal games, they do not deserve to win. The Abidal red card was b.s., and evens out any complaints you want to make against the refereeing.

Anonymous said...

WTF! Barca only got one goal aswell you moron